What is neural speech therapy?

The methods used at “Impulss” are the result of combining neurological and pedagogical approaches to diagnose and help children with various developmental disorders.

“Impulss” is the only centre in Estonia that makes use of and develops neural speech therapy methods.

Out 5 main objectives

  1. To detect hidden causes for developmental disorders.
  2. To cultivate the areas of the brain responsible for the ability to learn through the use of non-pharmaceutical treatment methods.
  3. Eliminating gaps in a child’s education and development.
  4. Teaching parents how to properly help a child to develop.
  5. Training specialists that work with children with special needs.

10 ways to make the brain work better

The set of methods used to work with the child is selected on an individual basis. Currently we have 10 different methods at our disposal, ranging from traditional speech therapy sessions and rejuvenating massage to modern equipment-based methods for brain training .

250 meters of space for development

The children are certain that they come here to have fun. The equipment that our centre is outfitted with is not only good for the children, but it is also fun and engaging for them. All our staff aims to make sure that the children enjoy their sessions and procedures here.