How do we do calculations? We learn the numbers, learn to add, divide, extract fractions, etc. However, for some children even elementary skills of metamathematical calculation are difficult. How to help them? In the Doctrine Medical Center it is possible to diagnose and understand the cause of dyscalculia (a numeracy skills disorder).

One of the methods for correcting dyscalculia is to use Numicon - a visual training aid for the numeracy skills, combining the principle of playing and training. This is a program in the form of a visual material, created in England back in 1998 for children experiencing difficulties in learning mathematics. In the educational process, it is important to use the strengths of a child and use as many channels of sensory perception as possible: hearing, vision, tactile sensation, and also - to link up motion and speech.

The principle of working with Numicon

Numicon is a set of bright-colored plates with holes corresponding to values of numbers from 1 to 10. Together with the instructor, the children study and connect the plates, and remember the numbers visually. The whole learning process is interesting and exciting for a child. He/she learns not only the graphic designation, but the meaning of the number, its practical use, learns to create patterns and templates on the basis of visual imagery.

Unlike traditional numeracy training materials, the Numicon set provides a global, holistic view of the number. Using Numicon, one can demonstrate the basic properties of natural numbers, form the concept of number composition and computing operations in a child: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.

Our speech and language therapist will help you to determine the quantity and frequency of training sessions necessary for a child. As a rule, effective result will require from 10 to 80 sessions, 2 times a week.