General massage with an accent at the “collar zone”.

What is this?

A soft general massage of the entire body, with an emphasis put on the shoulders, neck and upper part of the back. This is a natural stimulation of the body that restores proper blood supply and normalises muscle tone.

What problems does this help to solve?

Some parents and even some doctors falsely believe that massage is needed only for infants. But many children of older ages have issues with blood supply and muscular tone. These issues are often the reason for the child struggling to concentrate, sometimes experiences headaches, seems to be fatigued or overly active without any obvious reason.

How well the brain stem is supplied with blood affects the ability of the child to control tongue and lip muscles. Nuclei of the cranial nerves responsible for articulation are located in the brain stem. For this reason, the emphasis is put on the shoulders and neck, which allows to stimulate the brain stem.

Despite the apparent simplicity, this method is a unique way to strengthen the body and to create emotional balance. General massage also enables development of sensory integration, because during the massage the brain is receiving proprioceptive and tactile signals from various parts of the body that the masseur is working on.

The massage greatly enhances the effectiveness of all the other methods as it normalises the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain. Very often this type of massage replaces logopaedic massage.

How are the procedures conducted?

There is no need to bring anything extra to the procedure, all the necessary items are already in the office. In our clinic, we use natural vegetable oils (olive oil and grapeseed oil), because many children have sensitive skin and normal massage oil is not suitable to them.

For many children that have communication disorders, massage is a good opportunity to establish relationships with an adult. Our specialists actively use this opportunity to develop the child’s communication skills during the massage.

Are there contradictions?

A child cannot be brought to massage during a period of serious illness. A massage is contradicted to the patients diagnosed with epilepsy, skin diseases and oncological diseases.