What is this?

A system of sessions aimed at correcting all facets of speech – phonetic, grammar, lexical and pragmatic speeches.


Does your child require speech therapy?

Speech therapy sessions are prescribed to children with delayed speech development, speech delays (alalia), autism, stammering and other speech disorders, also to children with reading and writing difficulties (dyslexia, dysgraphia).

What problem does this help to solve?

Speech disorders can be a result of various neurological issues. Even if the problem itself can be treated, speech disorders, as a rule, do not disappear on their own. The child’s brain has already created the wrong stereotypes that need to be changed. If this is not done in time, then the speech disorders can cause serious problems in school in the future.

Depending on the unique traits of the speech disorder of the child, the speech therapist deals with:

  •         Setting the correct breathing rhythm for speaking
  •         Setting correct pronunciation of sounds
  •         Prevention or correction of reading and writing disorders
  •         Forming grammatically correct word patterns
  •         Developing phonematic hearing
  •         Developing the child’s vocabulary
  •         Developing the skills for using speech in conversations (pragmatic speech)

In some cases, the child can be prescribed speech therapy massage.

What is the novelty and difference from traditional approaches?

An ordinary speech therapist is a pedagogue that only works with the external symptoms of speech pathology.

A speech therapist working at “Impulss” builds her work on the result of objective functional diagnostics. For this reason they (alongside neurologists) work on not only removing the effects, but also the causes behind speech disorders.

The office of an ordinary speech therapist has only a mirror, a desk and methodology guides.

A speech therapist working at “Impulss” uses modern methods and equipment, e.g. Tomatis, Balance-Master, Interactive Metronome and so on.

How are the sessions conducted?

The speech therapy sessions are individual based. The program’s design is determined by the child’s age and the characteristics of the speech disorder.

Children above the ages of 2 can be prescribed with speech therapy sessions.

Regular sessions are necessary – between 3 and 5 times per week.